Portugal Golf Holidays

Portugal golf holidays are very popular for golf lovers! Here is some help and advice planning your holiday. It is important to understand what golfers are after when they choose the Algarve as their destination. Portugal is a wonderful and has some unique coursed that offer you challenging experiences.

The climate in Portugal is ideal for holidays. There are many courses to choose from and a glorious blue sky and sandy beaches to enhance your experience.

Where to stay:

First you must decide on location. You can plan to stay in:

a. Lisbon

b. Silver Coast

c. Algarve

Where you choose to spend your holiday will depend on what type of leisure activities and surroundings interest you most.

Lisbon: Is a busy city, but has plenty of monumental sightseeing locations and fabulous hotels. Great for a more “cosmopolitan” experience.

Silver Coast: Quiet region west of Portugal. The coastline is long and unspoilt, quiet close to Lisbon. There are a handful of courses in a quiet rural surrounding. Best place for a tranquil holiday in Portugal.

Algarve: The most popular destination for golf in Portugal. There are over 30 courses, including the best in southern Europe. Beautiful warm sandy beaches make the Algarve an ideal destination for players and travelers.

What to do (when not playing golf):

I always make an effort to understand what type of leisure activities interest my golfers before booking a golf holiday. Leisure facilities play a fundamental role in planning your holiday.

People often make the mistake of staying in the wrong places and end up unsatisfied with their vacation. This is where I come in to help! There are many leisure activities to spend your extra time in Portugal. I can’t list all of them, but here are a few:

  • Yacht & boat Cruises
  • Fishing
  • Wine tasting
  • Tennis, golf lessons, bowling, squash and many other sport activities
  • Jet skiing
  • Horse riding
  • Day trips to Spain
  • Cycling
  • Sightseeing
  • Local markets & shopping
  • Off road buggy and quad bike trekking
  • Hot air balloon rides

There are plenty of other activities available. If you book through the right services, you can get some very good and affordable package in Portugal!

One of the places I often stay is Dunas Douradas Beach Club, which is in a close range of the most popular courses and is right bang on the beach. I enjoy waking up in the morning to the sound of the waves breaking on the beach.